The project begins exactly 19 years ago

On September 24, 1998, exactly nineteen years ago today, I took the first photo for what would eventually turn into an all-consuming international photo project. 

California climber Glen Dawson began climbing in the late 1920s. Aside from climbing the Matterhorn in 1928 he did most of his notable climbs in the Sierra Nevada range in California, including the first ascent of Mount Whitney's East Face in 1931.

Glen was the first person I photographed for this series and it took place at his home where he'd lived for 57 years. It was his final day living there, his wife needed to go into an assisted living home and he was moving with her. 

Glen died last year at 103 years of age.

Below: a Polaroid taped to the page of a journal on the day I photographed him.

Jim Herrington